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14th Amendment Equal Protection and Due Processrobert tronge

What is the state's reasoning for the need for sex offenders to register and the community be notified of their existence in the community? Primarily the state has said that sex offenders have a high possibility of re-offending, meaning that they have low impulse control or in simple terms that they are mentally ill and cannot control themselves and are thereby a danger to the community. The high re-offense rate that is cited as the rationale for the laws has been proven time and again to not exist except in the minds of the self-righteous advocates who do not see the victims that they are creating, and the professional organization and lobbyists who are only in it for the money. These looters of society fail to recognize that their actions are taking away the constitutional rights of all Americans, in order to satisfy their own personal hate and greed.  Robert Tronge
All Government Officials can be Sued for Actions Outside their Authorityrobert tronge 47

We have the court saying that restrictions unrelated to the crime are unconstitutional, and if that is so for the court then it would also follow through that it is unconstitutional for the parole and probation department to impose them. It would also follow through that it is unconstitutional to pass laws imposing them. For example residency restrictions against a person who is involved in child pornography, or for that matter, a person involved in incest. Residency restrictions would only seem to apply to people who were strangers to the victim. Robert Tronge
Destroyed families, Destroyed lives, All because of a lierobert tronge

Things to do
Throughout the world there are myths based on misinformation, wishful thinking or outright lies. When lies have been exposed and the myths put to rest some people continue to believe the myths even after the truth has been exposed. Most of us would consider the people who continue to believe the myth as ignorant, foolish, or having ulterior motives. If they continue to choose to believe in the mythos because of their fear, hatred, bigotry, or loss of financial gain or a desire for unjustified revenge, and as a result of that individual lives continue to be destroyed as well as families torn apart and children subjected to a harassment, threats and violence, then those people's actions should be considered criminal. It is time to call out the people that ignore facts or try to Perpetuate the fantasy myth based on false information in order to further their own personal or financial interests simply because in reality they are bullies, vigilantes, sociopaths, and outright liars, this group includes everyone from the misinformed citizen to many so-called professionals, as well as various victims advocates, and yellow journalistic news media. Not to mention all the way up through our elected officials who are no longer interested in they're oath to protect constitutional values as much as they are in winning public approval.  Robert George Tronge
Ever have Your Fortune Told.robert tronge 49

Human beings have the habit of wanting somebody to be omniscient In powers to predict the future. When you think of a fortuneteller you think of a Gypsy type woman in a dark room with a turbine on her head sitting in front of a crystal ball. We know in our hearts that these people are charlatans, whether they use a crystal ball, tarot cards, numerology, Or our astrological signs.--------------
Government Sponsored Terrorism or Public safety?robert tronge 50

This fact is basic psychology.
1. You see something new
2. You learn to trust it and accept it.
3. You speak about it, passing on the information you were given to others.
4, You act upon the information given.

In this case the public registry:
1. Public was told there was a need for the registry.
2. They accepted the false statistics perpetuated by political leaders, law enforcement, the media and vigilante groups.
3. The public began to spread the false information.
4. The public acted upon the false information by harassing, threatening, beating and on the extreme end, killing those in this newly created group.
History Repeats itself; The Shameful Tactics of Pseudo-Science and Legislative Action.robert tronge 51

We all know about segregation in our recent history. We know how state governments across the nation passed laws, rules and regulations treating people differently, these laws not only included blacks, but Asians, Latinos and other ethnic groups as well, not only in the community, but before the court systems. Note even our United States Supreme Court ratified the use of segregation in the 1896 case of Plessy v. Ferguson, 163 U.S. 537 where the Supreme Court sustained the constitutionality of "Separate but equal”. It took us fifty years to overturn the Jim Crow laws, much to our shame.  Robert G Tronge
Mandated Reporting. A Failed Policy in Reducing Sexual Offendingrobert tronge

It is a fact that 93% of all sexual abuse occurs within the home, and are committed by family members, close family friends, or someone known to the victim. This fact comes from the United States Department of Justice. Why do we then, and how can we as a society, go along with this "choice” to ignore the 93% of all sexual abuse? Simply put, because we are told to.  Robert George Tronge
Misuse of Scientific Informationrobert tronge 53

This article is a little different from my prior ones, it may seem to go far afield but bear with me, I'm taking the long way around to make a point.
Using scientific studies and scientific information appears in most cases a proper way to approach things, but in actuality people should take the time to look into the information provided and not taken at face value.

Too many times people have taken things out of context or only given part of the information to satisfy their desire to make their point. So now here's the point - information that is misused about a subject is, in fact, misinformation or disinformation.

You can give people totally accurate information about a subject that can lead them to make poor decisions if the presentation of the facts is in some way biased by the presenter.  robert tronge
News Media needs to shift its focus to Really Dangerous Peoplerobert tronge 54

It seems like Sex cases always go viral. But an extremely high number of children die even more horrible deaths from other non-sex related criminal acts and you never even see a blip on the radar screen, and then something like what happened to Sierra Newbold happens and the radar screens light up like the 4th of July.

A friend of mine, let's call him John for his own safety, related a story to me. He said that he had a vivid memory of an example of just this set of circumstances that happened to him and his family back in 2004, it was about six months before he was charged with his offense, he and his family were living in a rural area at the time.  Robert G Tronge
Risk of Erroneous Deprivationrobert-tronge-55

The current procedures under the public notification provisions of the law are extremely broad and contain absolutely no safeguards to prevent erroneous deprivations of a registrant's liberty interests. Without any preliminary determination of whether and to what extent an offender represents a danger to society, the level of danger to the public posed by any particular sex offender, if any, remains unknown. Surely, not all offenders present a significant danger to the public. Yet, the law currently deprives all offenders - including those who present no danger to the community and are not likely to recidivate - of these interests automatically, for life. Therefore, persons convicted of crimes listed under the law who do not pose a significant danger to the community are at substantial risk of being erroneously deprived of their liberty interests.--------------
Sex Offender Treatment; A Legal Extortion Business.robert-tronge-56

In a editorial in the Indiana news Sentinel, the troubling ideology behind treatment programs is exposed and since most treatment programs that are based on behavior modification that have been proven to be damaging to the participants, this article goes a long ways in showing that the use of treatment programs within the prison system are in violation of the federal constitution banning cruel and unusual punishment. Treatment programs are based on the fact that a person has a mental illness or deficiency that requires them to receive psychological treatment, but a person has a constitutional right to not want to be involved in any treatment program, more so the state cannot say simply because you have been convicted of a crime that you are mentally ill and thereby use coercion to force a person into treatment.
Simple Question?Robert Tronge

As a person who was educated in science (physics, mathematics and chemistry) I not only like to base my answers on hard facts, but I also like to ask my questions in such a way that they can be answered with hard facts. So I'm going to ask a question, but before you answer, I want you to think about the question.
Fact: The basic reason that we have a registry and community notification is because the community and legislators believe that there is a high re-offense rate among people who have a conviction for a sex crime.

So here's my question, "What is the re-offense rate for new sex crimes by people who are already on the registry?”
Stupid rules - Where is the justiceRobert Tronge

Any of you who have read my articles that have been posted here on SOSEN know that I have argued for years that the justification for the registry and all the restrictions that have been placed on registered citizens have been based on the lies of high re-offense rates. You also know that I want to rein back government control that is exerted through the executive branch, namely parole and probation. Their theories on how to treat people with sex crimes while on parole and probation are based on that same mythology's and lies, they constantly overstep their legal boundaries causing physical, mental, and emotional hardships on the people that they're supposed to be helping to reintegrate into society.  Robert G. Tronge
Where is Our Personal Freedom Going.Robert Tronge

I think it is time to take a look at where our political leaders are leading us. America has always been based on the concept that all men are free and there should be no barriers put up barring a person's liberty or freedoms regardless of any defining characteristics that a person has. The most obvious examples are race, color, creed, and religion but there are also others.
There are many historical examples of what has happened when caste systems are put into place but the most obvious was with Nazi Germany where millions of people were sorted out of the population and any group that was disliked had added restrictions and requirements placed on the them. This eventually lead to the murders, not only of Jews, but Romani (more commonly known in English by the exonym "Gypsies”), Sinti's, Soviet prisoners of war, Polish and Soviet civilians, people with disabilities, Jehovah's Witnesses and other political and religious opponents. These murders occurred regardless of whether the disenfranchised people were of German or non-German ethnic origin. The total number of civilians murdered by the Nazis is nearly 11 million with around 5.7 million Jews and a roughly equal number of non-Jews.
Would this New Law Stand a Constitutional Challenge.Robert Tronge

Before we begin this exercise let's take a look at an existing law to see how the legislature justifies the existence of that law.

29-4002 Legislative findings state of Nebraska
The Legislature finds that sex offenders present a high risk to commit repeat offenses. The Legislature further finds that efforts of law enforcement agencies to protect their communities, conduct investigations, and quickly apprehend sex offenders are impaired by the lack of available information about individuals who have pleaded guilty to or have been found guilty of sex offenses and who live, work, or attend school in their jurisdiction. The Legislature further finds that state policy should assist efforts of local law enforcement agencies to protect their communities by requiring sex offenders to register with local law enforcement agencies as provided by the Sex Offender Registration Act.





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